Mika Vandborg - new album “Wall Of Books”
released 18 feb. 2013 - Vinyl, CD & Download

CD (incl. fragt) 100 kr. Vinyl (incl. fragt) 150 kr.
Download Itunes 56 kr.


Wall of Books
Wall of books is Mika Vandborg’s third solo album which stands out as a true masterpiece. It’s that simple! A brutal, honest testimony with stories of the unbearable grief at losing and the following sadness that seems to go on for ever. A recognition and acceptance of things gone by, reveals the change itself and therefore Wall of Books is a tribute to life and a true declaration of love as it once was, but also to what it will become.

Mika Vandborg lost his father in 2010, and the songs are written in the years that followed. The album opens with the title song “Wall of Books” where Mika sings about his “special place” where he goes when he needs to remember his father and feel close to him.“ It is difficult to project an image of him, but when I close my eyes and enter my childhood home, he becomes clear to me, sitting in his chair reading”.

In his childhood home the record player was on almost permanently and the the sounds of The Band, Clapton, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, B.B. King og J.J. Cale crawled under your skin and stayed there. “Ocean Boulevard is about the sound of these records I inherited from my father. About the dust that falls from them like snow, when I take them out and all the memories that are within the music”. And it is the sound from “then” that characterises the album.

Mika Vandborg has, in contradiction to previous releases, chosen personally to sing his songs. A choice that proves that Mika is not only a guitar player but an artist who can fully express himself. The vocals are strong but at the same time heartbreakingly fragile which only adds to the masterful arrangements and musical performances. There are many references and although the production is simple and easy to listen to, there are several details that make the musical experience something special.

The journey ends with “Blues for BVS” “ A blues I wrote in my head the night my father died. I later wrote the brass in the style of that known from “Super Session” (Mike Bloomfield) which my father and I often heard together”.

Returning to his roots, Mika Vandborg has created a piece of art - a solid album where the stories, words, sounds arrangements and production takes us to unprecedented heights.

Naja Storebjerg