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01. Flavour feat. Mark Lnn
02. Wanted feat. Martin Preisler
03. Forever And A Day-Intro feat.Lars Bjørnkjær Kvartet
04. Forever And A Day feat.Dan Hougesen
05. Ehh Office feat. Tape loop
06. A Little Fuzz feat. Rasmus Cornway
07. Under The Sun-Intro feat. Horns
08. Under The Sun feat.Tomas N’evergreen
09. Feels Like A Stranger feat. Thomas Kramer
10. Je Fume La Pipe feat. Kasper Tranberg / Tape loop
11. Electric Sparrow feat. Mika vandborg Trio
12. Don’t You Go Blind feat. Abdullah S
13. Move On feat. Louise Brüel
14. She Wants My Guitar feat. Ida Corr
15. G-slide Blues feat. Ed Jones
16. The Three Amigos feat. Laust Sonne, Mads Michelsen & Kristoffer Sjelberg + Tue Track
17. Gari feat. Tape Loop

Under The Sun is my debut solo album and was released in 2003. It became an album consisting of a broad range of music, spanning from classic trio rock to more alternitive styles over heavy pumping riffs. After more than two years of recording mostly in Feedback Studio, Superstar studio, Happy Alley and at Vibesync Studio. I am very pleased with the result, a different guitar rock album. I decided to make an album that was against the grain, rebelling against the fabricated pop sound that dominated the charts at the time. It started as an untraditional combination of two bass players, two Moogs and three drummers recorded live and simultaneously in the studio. Since then I've had over forty musicians contribute to the album, with everything from a string quartet and a forty-two track horn section, to a good old rock 'n' roll trio setting, the essence of the project has been no boundaries and tons of energy. The album is a fantastic performance collaboration of many talented musicians, and each track features a different vocalist. I believe that this contributes to the albums overall diversity, even though the guitar has still been the consistent central figure. Most of the material are songs that I have written, although Kasper Winding, R. Conway and Mark Linn have also contributed. I hope that you feel like checking out the album! It is available in record stores all over Denmark, and it can also be purchased over the net.

REVIEWS "Gnags guitarist Mika Vandborg guides the way for timeless quality on his first solo album." ÅRHUS STIFTSTIDENDE
"Vandborg is first and foremost an explosive and expressive rock guitarist, for whom Jimi Hendrix has not lived in vain." BERLINGSKE TIDENDE
"Vandborg is a guitar hero" ÅRHUS STIFTSTIDENDE
"…his qualities as a guitarist are indisputable. It is a pleasure to hear a guitarist who dares to rip the current trends (which are filled with boring and questionable alibi-type guitar parts) to shreds… in other words, the guitar solo is back!" AAGE JENSEN BLADET
"Often the tracks seem like a just good excuse for playing brilliantly, but both Vandborg and his guests rise to the challenge. In this area 'Under The Sun' is the stuff for connoisseurs." GAFFA
Vocals Louise Brüel Martin Preisler Mark Linn Ed Jones Abdullah S Ida Corr Dan Hougesen Thomas Krämer Tomas “N’evergreen” Christiansen Rasmus Conway
Drums Mads Michelsen Laust Sonne Johan Lei Gellet Kristoffer Sjelberg
Bass Jens Simonsen Bastian Sjelberg Nicolai Munch-Hansen
Background Vocals Søren Stig Madsen Katrine Brøndsted Susanne Carstensen Julie Michelsen
Organ, Mellotron and Moog Ivan Sørensen Jonas Friis Palle Hjorth Joakim Pedersen Karl Kolind Abdullah S
Strings Lars Bjørnkjær -Violin Flemming Patrick Andersen - Violin Ingemar Brantelid - Cello Jørgen Ejvind Hansen - Viola Morten Lambertsen - String Arrangement
Horns Mads Hyhne - Trombone Kasper Tranberg - Cornet and Trumpet Jens Bjørnkjær - Sax Lars Vissing - Trumpet Maj Berit Guassora - Flugelhorn, French Horn and Trumpet Jakob Munck - Tuba, Bass Trombone and Sousaphone Mattias Jacobsson - Trombone Mia Engsager - Trombone Lasse Mauritzen - French Horn
Scratch and Harp Tue Track - Scratch Jørgen Lang - Harp
Engineers Frank Birch Pontoppidan Teis Frandsen Jonas Friis Jens Simonsen
Cover photo
Martin Dam Kristensen