Mika vandborg 2010
01. The Smell The Taste The Sweat feat. Allan Vegenfeldt
02. Back Again feat. Mika Vandborg Trio
03. Sleeping With The Enemy feat. Mads L anger + Justin Hawkins
04. Out Of The Loop feat. Nikolaj Christensen
05. Look Me In The Eyes feat. Dicte & The Sugarbones
06. There’s A Last Time For Everything feat. Mark Linn
07. Supersonic Ride feat. Gypsies + Future Garage Sale Item + Tue Track
08. All I Want Is You feat. Vincent Van Go Go
09. Spiders And Mirrors feat. Henrik Hall + Usmifka
10. Diamond Lane feat. Morten Woods
11. Barbwire & Flickknives feat. Frank Ziyanak
12. What’s The Fuzz feat. Per Møller & Rockforbundet

The album open with the rock song “The Smell The Taste The Sweat”. It’s the legendary Allan Vegenfeldt from the danish band The Sandmen who sings. Laust Sonne from D-A-D plays drums and Allan Villadsen from The Blue Van plays the bass. Søren Mikkelsen has mixed the song. It’s classic rock....sprang stortromme skin

The next song “Back Again”, Mika Vandborg sings himself, it’s a Jimi Hendrix riff style song. It is ment as an extension of the song “Wanted” from his first album. It’s Mads Michelsen on Drums, Jens Simonsen on bass and Palle Hjorth on Mellotron.

The third song “Sleeping With The Enemy” written by Langer & Vandborg.
Mads Langer sings and Justin Hawkins from Darkness playes the first guitarsolo. Justin has also mixed the song. Jesper Lind from Kira & The Kindred Spirit + Tim Christensen band playes Drums and Nis Tyrrestrup (Aura, Mani Spinx) playes bass.

Song number four “Out Of The Loop” Nikolaj Christensen sings. Again it’s Mads & Jens on drums and bass. Morten Buchholtz on Organ.
It’s a one take with some overdubs, in the end Mads breaks his drumstick and Mika breaks a string at the same time, you’ll know when it happens....

Number five “Look Me In The Eyes” is a song recorded with Dicte & The Sugarbones.
Dicte sings and the bass is played by Lennart Ginman, Drums by Thomas Duus (Laid Back) and keys by Doc. Kæv.

Six is “There’s A Last Time For Everything” writen by Mark and Mika. Mark Linn sings and again it’s Laust Sonne on drums. The bass is played by....well it’s a secret....(don’t know why).
Keyboards by Mikkel damgaard (the Storm, Sanne) and the song is produced by Per Lange.

Song number seven is “Supersonic Ride”
It’s Mika’s band Future Garage Sale Item feat. Shaka & Rongo from Gypsies and Tue Track from Malk de koijn on scratch.
It’s a hard rock riff song.

Number eight “All I Want Is You” is featuring the band Vincent Van Go Go with lead singer Johs Nørrelykke. Members in VVGG also play with Spleen United & Tina Dico. The song is produced by Dennis Ahlgren, Johs & Mika.
A love song with a long guitar outro.

Song nine “Spiders And Mirrors” is a deep power riff song with Henrik Hall singing and playing his Blues Harp. And the choir “Usmifka” singing Bulgarian style women’s Choir.
Jesper and Nis on drums and bass.

Number ten is a song called “Diamond Lane”. Morten Woods sings, Laust Sonne on drums, Mika on bass and Mikkel Damgaard on keyboards.The song is produced by Per Lange.

Elleven “Barbwire & Flickknives” a song written by Mika Vandborg and Frank Ziyanak.
Frank Ziyanak sings and has programmed the song. Abdullah S playes Korg and Mads Nørregaard has mixed the song.

The last song is “What’s The Fuzz” with the Legendary guitarist and singer Per Møller. “What’s The Fuzz” was the first song Mika ever heard Per Møller play live, and he became a fan of Per in that moment. Mika then asked Per Møller and his old band “Rockforbundet” to record it with him.

Mastered at Cutting Room by Bjorn Engelmann

Allan Vegenfeldt
Mads Langer
Henrik Hall
Benjamin Kissi (Gypsies)
Shaka Loveless (Gypsies)
Thomas Carlsen (Future Garage Sale Item)
Frank Ziyanak
Johannes Nørrelykke (Vincent Van Go Go)
Nikolaj Christensen
Tue Track
Morten Woods
Usmifka (Bulgarian Womens Choir)
Per Møller
Mark Linn

Guitar Guests
Justin Hawkins
Per Møller

Laust Sonne
Mads Michelsen
Thomas Duus
Jesper Lind
Janus Nevel Ringsted

Keys, Organ and Sounds
Morten Buchholtz
Dennis Ahlgren
Thomas Månsson
Kæv Gliemann
Mikkel Damgaard
Palle Hjorth
Abdullah S

Allan Villadsen
Lennart Ginman
Kristian Kold
Nis Tyrrestrup
Jens Simonsen
Erik Westberg

Bulgarian Womens Choir
Arranged & Conducted by Niels Græsholm

Background Vocals
Karoline Kier

Søren Andersen
Søren Mikkelsen
Frank Birch
Mads Nørgaard
Per Lange
Jonas Friis

Søren Lund

Cover photo
Per Lange